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by: Dr. Creflo Dollar Love and selfishness are the two greatest forces in life. A person chooses to walk in one or the other every day. What many people call love really isn’t love at all. Real love—which is agape love or the God kind of love—is unconditional, limitless, selfless and is not based on emotions…. Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar Have you ever embarked on something you believed you were supposed to do but then stopped once you experienced a little opposition? Giving up may seem like the easiest route to take when difficulties arise, but perseverance will lead to a great victory if you stay focused on your goal. You can… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar A quick glance at today’s headline news will reveal the emotional state of people everywhere. From suicide bombings to other crimes of passion such as murder and rape, out–of–control emotions play a large role in people’s decision–making processes. Their choices are affecting others in powerful, yet negative, ways. It is easy to… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar Do you ever have days when you just don’t feel confident about yourself? Everyone has moments when they doubt themselves. Despite how you may feel, the truth is that God has something tremendous planned for your life. Although you may experience times of self–doubt, don’t internalize those feelings. Your purpose has nothing… Read Article →

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