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by: Creflo Dollar Personal relationships are important to us, and relationships with others can enrich our lives and make them more enjoyable. Yet, many people fail to realize the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some mistakenly believe that the simplicity of this bond with God isn’t enough to be saved, and they feel they… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar As Believers, our goal in life should be to please God. There are many people who believe that God is pleased with their lives simply because they are born again. There is, however, a difference between God being pleased with you because you are His child and Him being pleased with you… Read Article →

by: Dr. Creflo Dollar We need to talk about sex, particularly sex among singles. The media has too much to say about sex. Billboards go as close to the edge as they can to flaunt sex. Turn on the television, and every day, we’re bombarded with images, many that hinge upon the lewd and the crude…. Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar When some people hear the word “money,” their eyes light up like they’re seeing dancing dollar signs. There’s nothing wrong with having money in the bank, but we’ve all seen individuals who take it to the extreme and seek it exclusively. We all need money, but many people have the wrong relationship with… Read Article →

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