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Today we are looking at more steps that will help lead you into a successful dating relationship. Here are the next questions that I would like for you to consider:  Does This Person Trust God or Fall into Unbelief Regularly? When adversity does show up, do you see him or her standing on the Word with… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar God created you for a good purpose, and that purpose is designed to bring Him pleasure and glory. Sometimes we can become so earthly-minded that we forget that we are first and foremost spiritual beings who were born again so that we can fulfill a destiny and calling from God. Every gift, talent,… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar Did you know that everything God has promised in His Word has already been done? The only thing we have to do is believe and receive what rightfully belongs to us by faith. People of faith always have a good report because they are constantly walking by what the Word says and not… Read Article →

by: Creflo Dollar When you hear the word rebellion, what comes to mind? Images of revolt, chaos, and people acting in a disorderly manner are preeminent. Rebellion comes in many forms, but there is a common thread that runs through all forms of rebellion—it is a resistance to instructions. When people choose to rebel against… Read Article →

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