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Author: Creflo Dollar A law is an established principle that will work the same every time for anyone who will get involved. There are laws that govern the physical and spiritual realms. For example, the law of gravity operates in the physical realm. According to this law, when you throw a ball up, it will… Read Article →

Author: Dr. Creflo Dollar Many believers have made the mistake of putting the “cart before the horse” when it comes to the promises of God. They are quick to step out on faith, not realizing that faith only works by love (Galatians 5:6). It doesn’t matter how many scriptures you stand on, how hard you… Read Article →

Author: Creflo Dollar We are living in a very interesting time in history—the time period in which the Lord Jesus Christ will return to gather His Church and set up His kingdom on the earth. That may not seem like a reality to those who don’t know Him, but for Believers who are walking in… Read Article →

Author: Dr. Creflo Dollar Are you familiar with the TV show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Contestants are subjected to a series of multiple-choice questions that increase in the level of difficulty with each correct answer. Their correct responses qualify them for advancement to the next level, where they are afforded the opportunity to… Read Article →

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