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When we talk about living under the new covenant of grace, we’re talking about resigning from our self-effort or our performance, and believing that we receive from God by faith. From that point on, it’s not what we do; it’s what’s been done. You see, righteousness under the Law says, “do.” But righteousness by faith says “done.” Under the Law, it’s always about what you can do. But under grace, it’s always about what Jesus has done. It’s so important for us to change the tense. So whether it’s your healing, your deliverance, or your prosperity, it’s going to be about what Jesus has done under this covenant of grace versus what you can do.
The Lord began to deal with me, and He said, “I’m going to show you exactly what has to be done in order to receive what Jesus has already done and made available by grace, and what you need to do to take what’s already been done and get it to manifest in your life.”

This is crucial because too many people still have no idea how to cause prosperity to  manifest in every area of their lives—particularly in the area of finances. Listen, do you actually think the grace of God has made everything that we’ll ever need for life available except your finances? And if you look at this one area—finances—it appears to be messing with every portion of your life—your attitudes, your emotions, your bills, your comfort level, all kinds of stuff.

Prospering financially is still a huge struggle for so many people. The reason why it’s a struggle is because they do not understand or recognize that they’re under grace, and that they’re the righteousness of God by faith in Christ (Romans 3:22). Why is understanding and recognizing that truth so important? As the righteousness of God, grace has already made everything available to you. Second Peter 1:3, AMP, declares, For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [full, personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue).” God’s divine power has (past tense!) bestowed upon us all (not some!) things that pertain to life and godliness! All things include your finances!

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Creflo Dollar Beloved

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God wants us to know that we are deeply and greatly loved by Him. He wants us to know that we are His beloved. What does beloved means? It means you are the one loved. He wants you to know that you're valued. And I'm not talking about this Christian thing where we say, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!”

Whether you know it or not, everything the devil—your enemy—does is done to destroy your faith and confidence in the love that God has for you. He uses religious teachers to bring condemnation into your life; he brings accusations against you (Revelation 12:10); he brings up and harasses you about mistakes and failures from your past, all in an attempt to make you think that God is mad at you, and He doesn’t love you.

There is no doubt in my mind that God loves Himself some Creflo Augustus Dollar! I believe that with all my heart, mind, body, and soul! I’ve renewed my mind to the truth that God loves me just as much as He loves Jesus! And here’s what I've noticed: when people know they’re God's beloved, it’s personal with them. They know that God loves them just as much as He loves Jesus. So in the midst of trouble, they don’t give up, cave in, and quit! Instead, they boldly proclaim and announce their confidence in God's love for them! Miracles begin to happen for those who realize they are God's beloved.

Listen to what I'm saying. When you believe and are confident that God loves you, no matter what’s going on, you can say, “I'm going to be alright, because God loves me. Because God loves me, I'm healed. I don’t care what the doctor has said. Because God loves me, these bills are going to be paid. God loves me, and He meets all my needs.” The peace that passes all understanding shows up when you know how much God loves you.

Start noticing the number of times the Bible refers to us as God’s beloved. Meditate on those scriptures. The devil has no defense against someone who knows they’re deeply loved by God.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for you to start enjoying your life. It’s time for you to start laughing, having a good time, going out, having picnics, and so on. Jesus came for us to have and enjoy the abundant life! (John 10:10, AMP). Stop trying to be so deep all the time! It’s time for you to know, that you know, that God loves you! The quality of your life will change and you'll begin to enjoy the blessings of God when you realize how much He loves you.

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Creflo Dollar Have You Tried My Jesus?

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Have you ever come across those Christians who go around telling people that if they drink, smoke tobacco, curse, or commit any other sins that God is not going to accept them? What they fail to realize is that God doesn’t accept you because you’re acceptable; He accepts you because of the blood of Jesus! God accepts you with all the mess He knew you had going on before you became born again. It wasn’t like the things you were involved in were a secret to God! He accepted you with all of your issues. But He doesn’t leave you there. God has a plan to renovate you from all your issues, if you’ll just accept Him and stop worrying about what He’s going to do to you because of sin in your life.

Anybody—even preachers in the pulpit—who claims that God is not going to accept people because of their sin is imputing people’s sins to them. To impute means to hold against, or charge to their account. If you’re born again, God no longer charges your sins to your account (Romans 4:8, AMP). So, to tell people God doesn’t accept them because of their sin is to demean and devalue what Jesus has done. You’re saying that what He accomplished on the cross wasn’t enough—that sin is bigger than Christ’s sacrifice. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not true.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Brother Dollar, you’re making light of sin.” No, I’m not! You’re making light of what Jesus did! What I’m saying is that what Jesus did is bigger than sin! There’s no sin that can outdo what the blood flowing out of Jesus’ veins has done! “I hear what you’re saying Brother Dollar, but I still believe there are some sins we have to be held accountable for.” Are you kidding me? To be accountable for your sins means you’re going to have to pay the consequences for your sins. Do you know what those consequences are?

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